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How are you funded?

We are funded by donations from the general public and our loyal corporate partners. Without them, RAPAID would not exist.

How do you decide where to distribute the bandages?

We speak and work closely with local authorities, the Police, heads of schools and other safeguarding agencies to identify and donate Rapaid lifesaving bandages into areas primarily affected by high levels of violent knife crime. However, the public areas and work environments in which we all exist are on our list. A serious accident or major terrorist incident could happen anywhere at any time.

What do the bandage bags contain?

Each bandage bag contains 4x lifesaving Emergency pressure bar bandages. Designed and used by the military and emergency services worldwide to treat life-threatening haemorrhaging. These bandages are designed to apply direct pressure to an injury and to save lives!

Each bandage has an 8-year shelf life. There are 4 sets of surgical gloves a rigid instruction card with clear easy to understand pictures and instructions. The bags also come with a window sticker so participating organisations can clearly identify bystanders and those first on scene that emergency bandages are kept within the premises or vehicles.

Do the bags comply with health and safety standards?

Yes. The Emergency bandage bags are fully compliant, made with a woven anti-microbial material that prevents cross-contamination. The bag is fire retardant to CAA &EASA standards, waterproof and wipe clean approved for use in hospitals/medical facilities. The bag is printed with highly reflective ink.

Do you need training to use the bandages?

No. There is no specialist training needed for your staff if Rapaid Lifesaving bandages are to be kept in your premises. The emergency bandages are designed to be quick, simple, lifesaving.

How do I donate?

You can make a one-off donation via our website.

Do my donations qualify for gift aid?

Your donation qualifies for Gift Aid if you pay tax in the UK and have signed the Gift Aid declaration. Every £1 that you donate with Gift Aid is worth £1.25 to RAPAID at no extra cost to you. Find out more