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  1. Oxford University now hold Rapaid Emergency bandages

    As part of Oxford university’s safe haven policy, the iconic gatehouses and lodges dotted in and around Oxford city will now carry Rapaid Emergency bandages.

  2. Oxford black cabs now carry Rapaid Emergency bandages

    Black cabs in Oxford will begin carrying lifesaving military-grade emergency bandages from today thanks to a local charity that has donated and distributed kits across the city centre.

  3. Manchester Black cabs now carry Rapaid Emergency Bandages

    200 black cabs in Manchester are now carrying lifesaving Rapaid emergency bandages

  4. South Wales trunk road agency carrying Rapaid Emergency Bandages

    South Wales trunk road agency now carrying Rapaid Emergency bandages

  5. The British Museum bolsters duty of care with Rapaid Emergency Bandages

    The British Museum now has Rapaid Emergency Bandages integrated into the security protocol