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Best Bar None choose RAPAID kits to keep Plymouth nightlife safer

At RAPAID, we understand the importance of keeping people safe when they’re out and about late at night – which is why we have equipped taxis in Manchester, Exeter, Oxford, Swindon, London, and most recently Plymouth with our life-saving emergency bandage kits. And now, the nighttime economy in Plymouth is getting on board with our campaign to keep people safer too, with safer socialising organisation, Best Bar None, purchasing 10 of our emergency bandages kits for bars and venues in the city.

Supported by the Home Office and the hospitality and drinks industries, Best Bar None is an accreditation scheme for bars and venues that aims to raise standards in venue management, staff training and care, customer safety and welfare, and customer service. The organisation is committed to making socialising safer and we’re thrilled that, after seeing our campaign to equip taxis in Plymouth, they have decided to purchase RAPAID kits to keep bars and venues safer too.

Catherine Macdonald, Best Bar None’s Plymouth Coordinator said: “We heard about the donation day and what RAPAID are doing with taxis to make Plymouth a safer place, and we thought it was fantastic.

“Keeping customers safe in bars and nightclubs is the most important thing for venues, and having RAPAID kits installed in as many Best Bar None certified bars and venues as possible is a great way to support that goal. All the bar and venue managers we’ve spoken to about it are very much on board with having the kits in their bar or club, because they have seen accidents and incidents in the past where these bleed kits could have helped massively.

“It’s a brilliant initiative, and the more we can support the safety of our community, the better.”

The Best Bar None team reviewed a range of bleed kits, before deciding RAPAID kits were the best choice for deployment in Plymouth’s bars and clubs. The organisation was impressed with our kits’ long eight-year shelf life, alongside their quick and easy usage, with individuals requiring no medical training to use one. Best Bar None purchased RAPAID kits for ten of their venues, including the student union building at Plymouth University and Revolution.

Regan O’Riley, Deputy General manager at Revolution Plymouth, commented: “We want people to have a great night out in the bar and to know that this is a safe space for socialising. Having the RAPAID kit available means that if there is ever an accident or incident involving a serious bleed, we’re equipped to stop the bleed quickly and easily until the emergency services arrive.

“With Martyn’s Law approaching, resilience and planning to ensure we’re prepared should something happen has never been more important, and we’re grateful to Best Bar None and RAPAID for helping us do that.”

Our co-founder, Alex Chivers, travelled to Plymouth to thank Catherine and Best Bar None for choosing RAPAID, delivering the RAPAID kits personally and talking Catherine and Regan through the kit and how it is used.

Alex said: “We’re delighted to be able to support Best Bar None in their mission to improve safety in Plymouth’s nightlife scene. By having RAPAID kits in these bars and clubs, staff and customers can feel more secure, knowing that immediate first aid is available should anything go wrong. It’s a huge step forward in keeping our communities safer.”

If you’d like to equip your venue with RAPAID emergency bandage kits, visit our online shop.