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Complete Space relies on RAPAID for complete safety

At RAPAID, we’re doing everything we can to equip as many UK locations as possible with our emergency bandage kits – so it’s always fantastic to see individuals getting involved to drive us towards our goal. Recently, Peter Emery, director of Middlesex-based design company, Complete Space, took on the responsibility of keeping his workers and clients safe by equipping the company cars with RAPAID kits.

Complete Space work in and around London, and throughout the M25 area. With teams constantly on the road and working with the everyday hazards of building sites, Peter decided that RAPAID kits would provide an ideal solution for ensuring his employees have immediate access to emergency equipment should they need it, enabling them to reduce the severity of any onsite injuries that may occur in the future.

Peter’s decision to purchase RAPAID kits followed an episode of Crimewatch Live he saw, in which our co-founder, Alex Chivers, talked about RAPAID’s commitment to supporting the fight against rising levels of knife crime in the UK.

Peter said: “As a father, I worry about my son’s safety, especially when he’s out and about late at night in urban areas, so the idea of having emergency equipment readily available in taxis resonated with me. I decided to take proactive measures, so I purchased the kits for the company. The kits aren’t just for my workers to use, though. Our company cars are very colourful and often turn heads when we’re driving them, so if anyone needs one when we’re out and about, hopefully they will see the RAPAID sticker in our window and they can flag us down to use the kit. It’s a fantastic idea.

“Over my 35 years in the construction industry, I’ve witnessed various accidents and near-misses. Although we carry out routine safety measures every day on the job, there’s always that chance of something going wrong that leads to someone getting hurt.”

Amongst the incidents that Peter remembers is the time he saw a colleague operating a circular saw with a broken guard, which resulted in a very serious injury. “It’s moments like these that emphasise the importance of quick action and having the right resources on hand to address emergencies effectively, which is exactly what having the RAPAID kits on site will help to do,” he added.

Alex Chivers expressed his thanks to Peter for getting involved with the RAPAID initiative, and added: “We hope our bandage kits play a crucial role in promoting safety and preparedness, not just in taxis, but in every setting. It’s fantastic that individuals like Peter are taking it upon themselves to create safer environments for everyone, whether that be on the road or on a building site.

“Peter’s decision to purchase a kit through our retail partner, Openhouse, also means that Complete Space are helping to fund our work, with every penny from the sale of each kit being ploughed into getting more kits out there.”

If you would like to equip your business with our life-saving emergency bandage kits, visit today to purchase your own. For more information about Complete Space, visit