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Rapaid Emergency Bandages at 2023 Woman’s World Cup

Rapaid is very proud to have supported Crowdguard Ltd with our Rapaid Emergency bandages in protecting football fans from around the world as they enjoy the excitement in New Zealand. As part of a counter terrorism strategy down under Rapaid Emergency Bandages were located along side the Highway Care Security, the ARX Security Stopp and the ATG Access Surfaace guard systems.

A huge thank you to Deborah Ainscough and the whole team who’s commitment to keeping people and places safer as event organisers, venues and local authorities increase their focus on HVM in preparation for Martyn’s Law (the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill), which is expected to become legislation soon.

Deborah Ainscough, founder and director of Crowdguard explains:

“Our mission is to protect people and places from vehicle impacts with expert specification and installation of HVM equipment, aligned to a vulnerability, threat and risk assessment. But we cannot protect people from all risks, and we wanted to make sure that, if the worst happens – whether it’s a vehicle attack, a knife attack, an accident or any other type of incident causing heavy bleeding – we have the equipment on site to reduce the consequences and save lives.”

Figen Murray OBE, who has campaigned for Martyn’s Law, following the death of her son Martyn in the Manchester Arena attack comments:

“So much of what we want to achieve with Martyn’s Law is an approach to risk mitigation that joins the dots between preventing terror attacks and reducing the consequences. That’s exactly what’s happening with this partnership between Crowdguard and RAPAID, and I encourage others to follow this lead with collaboration and joined-up thinking.”