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  1. Bandaging Your Tax Blues by Donating Directly to RAPAID

    In a world where emergencies can strike at any time, having access to immediate medical assistance can make all the difference. That’s why we’re donating as many RAPAID kits as possible to taxis up and down the UK to help stop the bleed wherever necessary. And whilst we’re supporting your communities with our life-saving emergency […]

  2. Plymouth becomes latest city to equip taxi cabs with military grade emergency bandages

    Plymouth has become the latest UK city where taxi cabs will carry life-saving emergency bandages kits designed to stem serious blood loss. This comes after the Oxford based charity RAPAID donated and installed the kits in taxi cabs outside Plymouth railway station this week. The move, which follows the successful roll out in London, Oxford, […]

  3. 2000 London Black Cabs Now Carry RAPAID

    RAPAID hit a major milestone today as it equipped it’s 2000th London taxi with a life-saving emergency bandage kit, just nine days before the fourth anniversary of the 2019 London Bridge terrorist attack in which two people – Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt – tragically lost their lives. The charity’s founder Alex Chivers presented taxi […]

  4. RAPAID and British Transport Police Join Forces to #StopTheBleed

    Over the past few months, we’ve been equipping as many of London’s black cabs as possible with our life-saving emergency bandage kits, to enable those on the scene to #stopthebleed following accidents and incidents while they await the first responders. The more kits we install in cabs, the more word spreads that this vital equipment […]

  5. RAPAID to the rescue – how our emergency bandage kit helped a London cabbie rush to a cyclist’s aid

    For London taxi drivers, who pick up passengers from all across the city—North, East, South, and West—no two days are ever the same. But some are more memorable than others! As cabbies drive around the city in their iconic black cabs, many enjoy chatting to passengers or pointing out landmarks, but sometimes their shift is […]

  6. How Rapaid Emergency Bandages helped a London cabbie save a woman’s life

    As we go about our daily lives, doing our jobs or running errands, there’s always a possibility that we could encounter an emergency, where our actions could help save a life. In July 2023, this possibility became a reality for Douglas, a London taxi driver who used his on-board RAPAID kit to help a seriously […]

  7. Rapaid Emergency Bandages at 2023 Woman’s World Cup

    Rapaid is very proud to have supported Crowdguard Ltd with our Rapaid Emergency bandages in protecting football fans from around the world as they enjoy the excitement in New Zealand. As part of a counter terrorism strategy down under Rapaid Emergency Bandages were located along side the Highway Care Security, the ARX Security Stopp and […]

  8. London Black Cabs Now Carry Rapaid Emergency Bandages

    Hundreds of the iconic London black cabs are to begin carrying military-grade emergency bandages designed to stem serious blood loss in the first vital minutes following an accident or major incident. Participating cabs will display green window stickers allowing the public and the emergency services to easily identify the cab and have immediate access to […]